Continuing Education MCAFS February 2016

Please join us for this year’s continuing education workshop: 

Advantages, limitations, and current applications of environmental DNA sampling

Workshop:   ½ day; Tuesday, February 16th, 2016, 1:00 – 5:00pm

Cost:   $45

Workshop Instructors:  Kellie Carim (eDNA Coordinator, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station)

Enrollment Capacity:   30

 Workshop Description:   Environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling is sooooo hot right now. But understanding how and when eDNA based methods are the most useful tool is crucial for ensuring that this tool is able to accurately address management needs. This short course will provide participants with a basic review of the molecular concepts underlying eDNA technology. With this foundation, participants will gain an understanding of the advantages of eDNA over traditional sampling methods, as well as situations in which eDNA technology cannot address research and management objectives. Finally, the course will also provide a review of scientific studies that have used eDNA for aquatic species conservation, as well as unknowns that scientific research has yet to address. Is eDNA the right tool for your research and management questions? Come find out…

 Please direct any questions about the workshop to:  Robert Al-Chokhachy,, 406-599-9058