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The MTAFS offers two levels of membership: Active and Affiliate. Active Members also pay their dues to the Parent Society in order to gain full membership benefits, including the ability to participate in Chapter business. Both membership types will allow full access to this website, including the ability to register for meetings, participate in the discussion board, and access the MTAFS member directory.

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To become a member of MTAFS, simply click on the appropriate PayPal button below. After paying your Chapter dues, you will be redirected to a registration page to enter your member information. You will then have full access to the website.  If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer.

Membership Type Amount Payment Options
Register Now: For those who are already paid members (through the Parent Society), or who wish to pay during meeting registration. This includes vendors (a $200.00 fee). Allows online access to the meeting registration.  The Secretary-Treasurer will upgrade your online access after confirming dues payment. No cost at this time, just click here to register now!  This enables you to access the meeting registration.
Affiliate Membership: For those who are not members of the Parent Society and do not wish to actively participate in Chapter business (e.g., vote). Allows participation in the Annual Meeting.  $20.00
Active Membership: For those who wish to actively participate in Chapter business and are already members of the Parent Society. Please note: If your Parent Society membership cannot be confirmed, you will be downgraded to Affiliate membership and charged the additional membership fee.  $10.00

Need to Renew or Upgrade?

Please login to the website using your username and password, and your membership options will appear.